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Coffey County

4-H Club Day Resources

County Club Day 2023 will be held February 25th at Burlington Elementary School

Club Day Results (with Regional Club Day qualifiers) 2023

County Club Day Schedule (By Event Area) 2023

County Club Day Schedule (By Club) 2023

Cloverbud Schedule 2023

2023 BES Room Assignments- School Map- Click Here 

Enter through the east side entrance doors.  There will be signs on room doors and directional arrows in the hallways to help guide you through the school.

Club Day Room Assignments

2023 Club Day Evaluation Survey

Regional Club Day Schedule - Regional Club Day participates will receive an email to schedule events.   

Regional Club Day Results- Coffey County


Club Day Guidelines (Revised November 2022)

Meetings/Parliamentarian Process

Model Meeting

Gavel Games Handbook

Parliamentarian Practice

Presidents Script Sample (#1)

Presidents Script Sample (#2)

Presentation Resources


Illustrated Talks

Demonstration and Illustrated Talk Outline

Preparing and Using Visual Aids

Presentation Tips

Project Talk

Public Speaking

Presentation Overview

Presentation Brainstorming Activity

Interview Resources & Scoresheet


2023 Club Day Entry Form (1 Form per Club)

Score Sheets



Model Meeting

Gavel Games


Favorite Foods

Interview Resources & Scoresheet


What is FCS Judging?? (PowerPoint Created by Kaylee Long)