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Cover Crops- Interseeder Working at the Wolf Creek Agricultural Demonstration Site:

 Extension Council Elections-  Voting to elect 2020 Extension Council members will take place on a walk-in basis, October 12-16 from 8:00 am-5:00 pm (including the lunch hour) at the Extension Office. Each year, Kansas State Law requires an election be held for the purpose of selecting representatives to serve a two-year term on one of four committees on the Coffey County Extension Council. These representatives will be selected for Agriculture, Family & Consumer Sciences, 4-H Youth Development or Community Development. The members of the council have the responsibility of directing the work of the Extension programs in Coffey County and they serve as advisors to the Extension Agents. Anyone wanting to have their name placed on the ballot for one of those positions needs to turn their name in by October 1to the Extension Office or an Ex-tension Board Member: Ashley Krueger, Sarah Rice, Carie Collins, Beau Beyer, Clinton Sowder, Marissa Watts, Vickie Foster, Mike Thorp, Angie Truelove







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Coffey County Extension Contacts

Darl Henson
Agriculture & Natural Resources Agent & 4-H

Jill Barnhardt
Family & Consumer Science/ 4-H Agent

Lauren Hull
Office Professional &
Program Assistant

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2019 Friend of Extension- Coffey County Health Department

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