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Coffey County


Welcome to Coffey County 4-H

Contact Information

Darl Henson
Agriculture & Natural Resources Agent & 4-H
Phone: (620) 364-5313

Jill Barnhardt
FCS & 4-H Agent

Lauren Hull
Office Professional/Program Assistant


4-H Enrollment begins October 1st! Enroll today!

Visit the "Enrollment" tab for more information.

Need help finding a club! Call or come by the Extension Office and we will be happy to speak with you.  620-364-5313

4-H Camp Fundraiser: Teddy Bear Raffle

Teddy Bear Raffle


2019-2020 4-H Recipe Book- A Digital Gift From Coffey County 4-H Council

Click on the icon below or  CLICK HERE to download your copy!

Cook Book

This recipe book was originally intended to be a fundraiser for Coffey County 4-H Council.  In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, 4-H Council has decided to release the digital format of the book as a gift to everyone affected. 

Make a Payment

4-H event registrations or other 4-H related items (excluding the 4-H program fee) may be paid through the "Donate" button below.  Please note that this is not an actual donation, but a means to make your 4-H related payment process easier. 


Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet - Click Here

Special 4-H Recognition

Outstanding Club

2020-2021: Tip Top

2019-2020: Tip Top

2018-2019: Smilin' Thru

Herdsmanship Award

2020-2021: Smilin' Thru

2019-2020: Blue Ribbon

2018-2019: Smilin' Thru

Friend of 4-H

2020-2021: Dawn Williams

2019-2020: Landon Linsey

2018-2019: Mark & Janella Newton



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