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Coffey County

Favorite Foods Info

Coffey County 4-H Favorite Foods Show will take place during County Club Day

Favorite Foods Show is a contest for 4-Her's to practice setting a place and designing a menu for a mock party. Youth are encouraged to think about MyPlate, portion sizes, food preparation and food safety while planning their meal. Then, they will set up their exhibit on a card table with decorations, table service and a printed menu.  Judging is done by conference.

You will need to provide one picture of the favorite food you have selected being prepared and one of the finished plated product. 4-Her's no longer prepare food to present the day of the event due to concerns about food waste, food prep and presentation time the day of the event, along with a few other things.  We will revisit the topic again if needed.  Favorite Foods in held during County 4-H Club Day.  Be sure to sign up with your club leader in order to participate. Information for Favorite Foods is posted to the   4-H page of our website at https://www.coffey.k-state.edu/4-h/favoritefoods/index.html.

Below is some information to help you get started preparing your exhibit!


Slideshow by Sarah Sergeant

Everything you need to Know about Favorite Foods



2022 Table Entries

Grayson Shoemaker- TOP SR      Rachael Barnhardt- Top Int       Raegan Barnhardt- Top Jr

Grayson      Rachael      Raegan

Kyla Lankton- Alt SR                  Nellie Knight- Alt Int

Kyla Lankton     Nellie

2021 Table Entries

 Kyla Lankton- Top SR           Rachael Barnhardt-Top Int    Rebecca Barnhardt- Top Jr

Kyla Lankton   Rachael Barnhardt  Rebecca Barnhardt

Grayson Shoemaker- Alt. SR  Brycen Hopkins- Alt Int          Nellie Knight- Alt Jr      

Grayson Shoemaker  Brycen Hopkins  Nellie Knight

Raegan Barnhardt -JR            Brynn Sowder- INT               Julia Del Percio- SR                         

Raegan Barnhardt  Brynn Sowder  Julia Del Percio

Colleen Decker- SR

Colleen Decker

Past Years Entries

s sergeant        b romig

 2018 Top Blue Senior- Sarah Sergeant                 2018 Alternate Top Blue Senior- Bonnie Romig

 amarin      kohlton

   2018 Intermediate Top Blue- Amarin Shelton       2018 Intermediate Alternate Top Blue- Kohlton Shoemaker


 a vannocker            k burdick      

                    Aubrianna Vannocker                                                            Kaylie Burdick


barnhardt       nicholson     

                 Rachael Barnhardt                                              Kaylynn Nicholson



                    Alexis Burdick


2015 photos


fish       4 of july       tgiv