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Coffey County

4-H Project Resources

4-H projects should be selected during enrollment in October of each 4-H year. The Project Selection Guide is a great resource for getting started in your selections.  Projects may then be added or dropped at any point up until May 1st of the current 4-H year.  Any changes to project enrollment should be submitted in writing to the Extension Office by filling out an Add/Drop form, or by a parent/guardian listed on the 4-Her's enrollment  emailing changes to Lauren, Darl, or Clarissa prior to May 1st. 

Lauren Hull- ljohnson15@ksu.edu
Darl Henson- dhenson@ksu.edu
Jill Barnhardt

Project Selection Guide                  Add Drop            LRK Tool

 Project Selection Guide              Add/Drop Form          Livestock Record Keeping Tool

Project Goals

It is important to set goals and to make a record of steps you are taking to complete those goals throughout the 4-H year.  This will not only help you be successful in your projects, but will also make completing your KAP's so much easier.  The "Records" section of the 4-H Family Handbook is a great resource for setting and achieving goals throughout the year. 

Project Goals/Monthly Records Worksheet

Setting Goals

Remember to be S.M.A.R.T when setting goals for your project.SMART

S-Specific (Who, What, When, Where, Why)
M-Measurable (How much, How Many, How when I know when it's accomplished?)
A- Attainable/Achievable (What is most important to you?)
R- Realistic (An objective toward which you are willing to work.)
T-Time Bound (A time frame triggers the motivation to complete your goals.)

Countywide Project Leaders

Bees- Lauren Hull & Tiny Jackson

Bucket Calf- Megan Wilson

Horse- Ethan & Jerry Rice

Poultry- Dave & Debbie Redding

Rabbit-  Janel George

Western Heritage- Brian Rausch & John Torrence

Project Information

Below are links to resources for popular Coffey County 4-H projects that may help aid you in your accomplishments throughout the 4-H year.  The Extension Office and many local libraries also have project resources in binders available for check out.  Be sure to contact the Extension Office if you need any direction getting started in your projects this year.

Beef (Market, Breeding, Bucket Calf)

Beef Helper's Guide





Kansas Youth Livestock Homepage

  • Important Livestock Deadlines
    • Market Beef Nominations- May 1, 2019
    • Market Beef Corrections- June 1, 2019
    • Commercial Heifer, Swine, Sheep, and Meat Goat Nominations- June 15, 2019
    • Commercial Heifer, Swine, Sheep, and Meat Goat Corrections- July 15, 2019
  • Check out the State Events Tab for more information on events such as the Kansas State Fair, KJLS, Sweepstakes, etc. 


Meat Goats


Plant Science



Hemmorhagic Disease


Shooting Sports

Space Tech (Rocketry, Robotics, etc)


Visual Arts

FCS, Livestock Judging & SKillathon Resources

Livestock Judging Guide


 What is FCS Judging?


There is an abundance of resources available for other projects as well.  Please visit the Kansas 4-H Projects page if a direct link to your project resources is not listed above. PYP