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Volunteer Screening/Renewal Completion Due: December 31st

Section E of the Kansas 4-H Policy Handbook, page 11

4-H volunteers are unpaid representatives of the Extension Unit for which they provide services.  A volunteer is an adult or teen who has successfully completed the Kansas 4-H Volunteer Information Profile (4-H VIP) process, including application, screening, and orientation, and has been appointed by the local Extension Board. 

Serving as a 4-H adult volunteer is a privilege, not a right.  Volunteers serve at the request of the Extension Board and are managed/supervised by the local agent(s) or a designee responsible for 4-H.  The local Board may restrict the initial or continued participation of volunteers in the 4-H program.  Volunteer service in the 4-H program beyond the local level is contingent upon VIP status at the local unit. 

All volunteers must be VIP-registered and comply with the 4-H Volunteer Information Profile (VIP) Code of Ethics.  Volunteers who assist with a single program or short-term learning activity are not required to complete the VIP process.  Adults must have a complete current Kansas 4-H participation Form on file as required by specific 4-H program activities. 

Types of Volunteers

Registered Volunteer-  An adult or teen volunteer who has completed the entire 4-H VIP screening process, and has been appointed by the local Extension Board.  Registered volunteer status is required for adult or teen volunteers with authority to independently plan and conduct educational experiences for youth with other adults present or in a public setting.  It is also required for a volunteer whose position places the individual in a close, ongoing interaction with youth. 

Examples:  Community Leader, Club-Based Project Leader, Activity Leader, Judging Team Coach, Camp Counselor, any overnight event, Event Chaperone , Countywide Project Leader, or Chauffer for any 4-H event. 

Episodic Volunteer- A volunteer helping with a single "episode" or activity (usually along with a registered volunteer). This person is not required to complete the VIP screening.  

Examples:  Workshop Presenters, Judges, Guest Speakers

4-H Youth Volunteers- Must complete the entire volunteer certification process starting at 4-H age 16 in order to be a project leader.   Ambassadors must complete, at minimum, the Department of Children and Families Background Check.  Junior Project leaders (12-14 years old) may not have to complete the volunteer process, but may lead only under the direct supervision of a certified volunteer.  

VIP Screening Process

This is a self-guided process that volunteers may complete at their own pace.  All 4-H Volunteer Renewals are due for completion by December 31 of the current 4-H year. 

New Volunteers/ 3 Year Re-Screen Volunteers 

1) Create an account/enroll (or add yourself as an adult to your current "Family" account)  in 4-H Online. When you submit your enrollment through 4-H Online your enrollment status will reflect as "Pending".


2) Fill out a volunteer application.  Applications are online, and can be accessed by clicking here.  Hard-copy volunteer applications may also be submitted to the Extension Office by filling out the form located here

3) Notify the Extension Office when you have completed your application by emailing Lauren at ljohnson15@ksu.edu or by calling the office at 620-364-5313. Receiving the online application will prompt the Extension Office to approve your 4-H Online Enrollment to change your Status from "Pending" to "Active".

4. Complete the 4-H Online VIP Orientation Training.  The training consists of 5 short videos and 4 quizzes that go along with the videos, and takes about an hour to complete.  Instructions for accessing and completing the training through 4-H Online is provided below. 

Orientation Training Brochure

5.  Notify the Extension Office when you have completed the 4-H Online Orientation by emailing Lauren at ljohnson15@ksu.edu or by calling the office at 620-364-5313.

6.  Complete the online Criminal Background Check (CBC) through Validity Screening Solutions (Click Here).  You will be required to create an account.  After you create a user account you will be sent an email from Validity Screening Solutions, which will allow you to create a password and login to complete the CBC. 

7. Notify the Extension Office when you have completed the CBC  online by emailing Lauren at ljohnson15@ksu.edu or by calling the office at 620-364-5313.

8.  Complete the Department of Children and Families (DCF) background check.  This is a paper form that you must complete and return to the Extension Office.  All fees associated with the test are paid for by Coffey County Extension Council.  You may send this form into the Extension Office via encrypted email to Lauren at ljohnson15@ksu.edu (you will have to call the office to give Lauren the password to open the document), via fax to the office at 620-364-5117, or via mail to our PO Box at PO Box 269, Burlington, KS 66839.

9.  Once all of these steps have been completed your name will be submitted to the Coffey County Extension Board for approval. 

Renewing Volunteers

1) Re-enroll using your existing 4-H Online account.  Please do NOT create a new account.  If you have forgotten or misplaced your password or user name then you may contact Lauren at ljohnson15@ksu.edu to reset your information.  Once you have submitted your 4-H Online re-enrollment your status will reflect as "pending".


2) Fill out a volunteer renewal application online by clicking here, or hard-copy forms can be filled out and returned to the Extension Office. Hard-copy forms are found here. 

Registered Volunteers must complete the entire VIP screening process every 3 years in order to continue volunteering.  Please contact the Extension Office if you are unsure of your renewal year. 

VIP Resources

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