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Coffey County

Livestock Production

Coffey County in East-Central Kansas is nestled on the edge of the flinthills tall grass pasture region.   Beef enterprises include small to large cow/calf operations and stockers on grass pasture with a handful of feedlot facilities.  A couple of small scale dairies are also located in county.   These two sectors of the county's ag industry contributes approximately $40 mllion annually to the local economy in value of cattle and milk produced.  In addition to the cattle,  the county is also home to a large commercial confined swine production unit as well as small to medium sized sheep and goat flocks.

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Livestock Antibiotic Use Safety

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Livestock Contacts

Darl Henson

Agriculture & Natural Resources Agent & 4-H Coffey County
110 S. 6th  PO Box 269 Burlington, KS  66839

Phone : (620) 364-5313 Fax : (620) 364-5117