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Volunteer Screening/Renewal Completion Due: December 1st

Who are 4-H Volunteers?

4-H volunteers are unpaid representatives of the Extension Unit for which they provide services.  A volunteer is an adult or teen who has successfully completed the Kansas 4-H Volunteer process, including 4-H Online Application, screening, and orientation, and has been appointed by the local Extension Board. 

Serving as a 4-H adult volunteer is a privilege, not a right.  Volunteers serve at the request of the Extension Board and are managed/supervised by the local agent(s) or a designee responsible for 4-H.  The local Board may restrict the initial or continued participation of volunteers in the 4-H program.  Volunteer service in the 4-H program beyond the local level is contingent upon volunteer status at the local unit. 

All volunteers must be registered and comply with the 4-H Volunteer Code of Ethics.  Volunteers who assist with a single program or short-term learning activity are not required to complete the volunteer process. 

Types of Volunteers

Kansas 4-H Volunteer- Adults providing supervision to youth at a 4-H program; make decisions on behalf of the 4-H program; have access to private data of 4-H members or volunteers; and/or handle funds as part of 4-H must complete the volunteer screening process, be accepted, and enrolled as a Kansas 4-H volunteer.

These positions will include, though may not be limited to:

            Organizational Club Leaders

            Chaperons for any overnight events

            Camp Volunteers

            Volunteers who will have access to funds raised on behalf of 4-H

            Volunteers who will have access to confidential records or information

Application Process Steps include:  4-H Online profile and application, Reference Checks, Criminal History, Interview, Orientation, and Approval

Adult Helper- An adult helper is someone who gives their time and/or expertise to 4-H education programs or activities and who will either not be in direct contact with children or youth or who will only be in situations directly supervised by paid and/or screened, experienced volunteer/staff.

These positions will include, though may not be limited to:

            Guest speaker/presenter

            Concession stand workers for single events

            Presentation Judges

            Fashion Revue Judges

Application Process Steps include:  4-H Program staff member keeps names on file for adult helpers (e.g., food stand sign-up or sign-in form kept in food stand file; project day presenters list kept in project day file; guest speaker listed on club meeting agenda). Kansas 4-H Volunteers serving as club leaders are asked to track club level adult helpers.

4-H Youth Participants-  Youth in the 4-H program often engage in leadership and volunteer experiences as part of their 4-H program participation.  When participating in a defined role where additional vetting is needed, best practice for process steps include the creation of a 4HOnline profile (application), reference checks, an interview, a defined position description, and orientation.  The camp counselor role is one example of a defined leadership role where a defined vetting process has been established. 

Note: A youth application cannot require the collection of social security numbers.

Volunteer Screening Process

This is a self-guided process that volunteers may complete at their own pace.  All 4-H Volunteer Renewals are due for completion by December 1 of the current 4-H year. 

New Volunteers/ 3 Year Re-Screen Volunteers 

1) Create an account/enroll (or add yourself as an adult to your current "Family" account)  in 4-H Online. When you submit your enrollment through 4-H Online your enrollment status will reflect as "Pending".

4H Online

2) Complete the 4-H Online Volunteer Orientation Training.  The training consists of 5 short videos and 4 quizzes that go along with the videos, and takes about an hour to complete.  Instructions for accessing and completing the training through 4-H Online is provided below. 

Orientation Training Brochure

3)  Notify the Extension Office when you have completed the 4-H Online Orientation by emailing Lauren at ljohnson15@ksu.edu or by calling the office at 620-364-5313.

4)  Complete the online Criminal Background Check (CBC) through Validity Screening Solutions (Click Here).  You will be required to create an account.  After you create a user account you will be sent an email from Validity Screening Solutions, which will allow you to create a password and login to complete the CBC. 

5) Notify the Extension Office when you have completed the CBC  online by emailing Lauren at ljohnson15@ksu.edu or by calling the office at 620-364-5313.

6)  Once all of these steps have been completed your name will be submitted to the Coffey County Extension Board for approval. 

Renewing Volunteers

1) Re-enroll using your existing 4-H Online account.  Please do NOT create a new account.  If you have forgotten or misplaced your password or user name then you may contact Lauren at ljohnson15@ksu.edu to reset your information.  Once you have submitted your 4-H Online re-enrollment your status will reflect as "pending".


Registered Volunteers must complete the entire volunteer screening process every 3 years in order to continue volunteering.  Please contact the Extension Office if you are unsure of your renewal year. 

Volunteer Resources

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