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Coffey County

County 4-H Camp


Where: Eisenhower State Park on Melvern Lake

When: June 18-20, 2024

Registration: April 4-May 1, 2024

Registration Fee: $75

Late Registration ends: May 15, 2024

Late Registration Fee: $90

Who: Campers 4-H Aged 7-13, Counselors 4-H Aged 14-18

An overnight camp at Eisenhower State Park on Melvern Lake for Coffey County 4-H members this summer! The camp will include 2 1/2 days of activities, overnight tent camping, meals, and transportation to and from the Extension Office.  This opportunity is open to Coffey County 4-H members only! 

Camp will be held June 18th- 20th.  We understand that there will be a potential conflict with make up ball games and other activities going on these days, so we will be flexible with families in order to give everyone the opportunity to participate as much as possible if they want to!  
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