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Coffey County

 Coffey County Fair

The Coffey County Fair Board meets the third Wednesday of every month at the Fair Office at Kelley Park.  The meetings begin at 7:00p.m.  Please feel free to attend a monthly meeting if you have any questions or would like to provide any input. 

Fair Dates: 

July 24-28, 2019


Coffey County Fair Grounds, Kelley Park, Burlington, Kansas


 "Surf your way to the Coffey County Fair" (Beach theme submitted by Blue Ribbon 4-H Club)

Fair Evaluations: 

2019 Fair Survey (Click Here)

Coffey County Fair Rule Book

2019 Fair Schedule (Click Here)

4-H Section

2019 4H Division of Fair Book

Complete Book with Open Class

2019 Complete Fair Book

4-H Pre-entry Tutorial

Pre-Entry Update







Letter to 4-Hers From the Coffey County Fair Board

Click Here to read the letter. 


2019 Rate of Gain for All Species  (Click Here)

2019 SALE BILL (Click Here)

2019 Completed Sale Bill with Buyers Listed  (Click Here)


2019 ROUND ROBIN RESULTS (Click Here) 

2019 Results by Club (Click Here)

2019 Results by Division (Click Here)

Dog Show Results (Click Here)

Cat Show Results (Click Here)

Horse Show Results (Click Here)


Cloverbud Narratives-  Please complete and return to Lauren anytime prior to the fair or fair event that your Cloverbud is participating in!

Clothing Event Narrative (Click Here)

Livestock Narrative (Click Here)

Housing Declaration Form (NEW IN 2019!)


This form is required for all livestock, including breeding and market animals, in the livestock categories of beef, sheep, goat, swine, horse, rabbit, and poultry.  One form may be completed per family, and the form is due to the Extension Office, no later, than May 15th.

Housing Declaration


Coffey County Born

Coffey County Born Click here for form

A Coffey County Born form must be completed for each animal entered in the Coffey County Fair.  The forms are due with pre-entry's.  This year, each species will have a Coffey County Born class, not just beef.  The same form should be used for each species, however, please make sure to indicate which species you are entering by circling it on the form.

Horse ID Forms- Due May 1st

Rabbit ID Forms (NEW!)- DUE to Extension MAY 1st

Beginning in 2017, all rabbit project members are required to submit a "Rabbit Identification Form" with identification for ALL rabbits that 4-Hers are planning on showing at the Coffey County Fair. The form includes exhibitor name, club name, breed, variety, tattoo number, age, and sex. This form must be completed and turned into the Extension Office by the Add/Drop project deadline of May 1st.

2019 Designated Rabbits List (Rabbits Designated by the May 1 Deadline) 


New Fair Event! Youth Rodeo, Friday July 26th!  Click Here For Details!

2019 Coloring Contest!

Back by popular demand, the County Fair Coloring Contest is back!  County residents age 0-12 can enter.  Click here for more informationClick here to print a coloring contest sheet!

Horticulture Judging Contest at the Fair!

We missed getting this added to the schedule printed on the Fair Book. Spread the word! There will be a horticulture judging contest at the County Fair again this year! The contest will be held in the crops building, Thursday, July 25, 9a-1p. It is a great experience, and a "cool" event to take part in that day of the fair.

Livestock Breed Designation
All changes are due to the Extension Office IN WRITING: June 1st

All market livestock that will be shown at the Coffey County Fair must be tagged during the relative species weigh-in/tagging date in the spring.  At the time of tagging a breed should be designated.  Changes to breed information may be made in writing up until the June 1st deadline.  NO CHANGES may be made to breed designation after that date, and all animals must be pre-entered under the designated breed category on  pre-entry cards.  If your pre-entry card does not match with the breed that was designated by you by the June 1st deadline, then your pre-entry card will not be accepted by the Extension Office until it is corrected.

Club Secretary Roll Call
Due by Pre-Entry Deadline:  Friday, June 28, 2019 at 5 p.m.

Pre-Entry Cards
Deadline:  Friday, June 28, 2019 at 5 p.m.

Pre-Entry Cards are required for all livestock, small animal, poultry, dog, cat, hand pets, clothing, demonstrations, and cloverbuds entries at the fair. Entry cards are available in the Coffey County Extension office beginning in May of the current 4-H year.   It is CRUCIAL that each pre-entry card is filled out in its entirety.  The pre-entry card has two, identical sides that must be filled out in a way that the information on both portions of the card match exactly the same.  It is also CRUCIAL that all cards are completed accurately and returned to the Coffey County Extension office by the designated pre-entry deadline. It is ultimately YOUR responsibility to ensure that your pre-entry cards are filled out correctly, and turned in on time.  Incomplete or late entries may not be accepted.

Example Pre-Entry Card. Click Here

Required on pre-entry cards:

  • Entry Number (Provided in May or June Newsletter)
  • First and Last Name
  • Club Name
  • Name of Class (as shown in the Fair Book)
  • Department (will be a letter)
  • Section (will be a number)
  • Division (will be a letter, if there is a division)
  • Class Number
  • Breed (required for all livestock, rabbits, poultry)
  • Variety (required for rabbits and poultry)
Check the 4-H Policy and addendum's for more information pertaining to showing and selling animals at the Coffey County Fair. 

Destination Designation Card Examples



Meat Goat


Exhibitor Numbers

Blue Ribbon

Hay Busters


Smilin' Thru

Stringtown Bombers

Tip Top


EHU Numbers

Livestock Weigh-IN/Tagging

Rabbit Designations- Click Here

Market Animal Tags/Breed Designation

Breeding Animal Tag/Breed Designation

Pre-Fair Activities

Demonstrations/Poetry & Prose/FCS Judging

Friday, July 12, 2019, 9am

Schedule: Click Here

Remember:  Judging contests are an optional requirement for your 4-H Achievement Pins!

Clothing Buymanship and Clothing Construction

Friday, July 19, 2019,  3pm

Clothing Events Program (Click Here)

Memo to Clothing Event Members (Click Here)

Horse Show

Saturday, July 20, 2019 5pm

Dog/Cat/Hand Pet Shows

Saturday, July 20, 2019, 4pm

Club Assignments


Club Camp Spot Assignments(Club Assignments Due to Extension June 1st!)

Tip Top

Building Watch:

 Tip Top

Trash Duty: Friday

Blue Ribbon

Building Watch:

 BR Building Watch

Trash Duty: Saturday

Smilin' Thru

Building Watch:


Trash Duty: Wednesday


Building Watch:

 Lib Building Watch

Trash Duty: Sunday

Stringtown Bombers

Building Watch:


Trash Duty: Thursday

Hay Busters

Building Watch:


Trash Duty: Wednesday