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Coffey County

 Coffey County Fair

The Coffey County Fair Board meets the third Wednesday of every month at the Fair Office at Kelley Park.  The meetings begin at 7:00pm. Please feel free to attend a monthly meeting if you have any questions or would like to provide any input. 

Fair Dates: 

July 22-26, 2020


Coffey County Fair Grounds, Kelley Park, Burlington, Kansas


"From Pioneer Days to Modern Ways"  (Submitted by Tip Top 4-H Club)

Fair Evaluations:

Coffey County Fair Rule Book

2020 Fair Schedule (Click Here)

4-H Section

2019 4H Division of Fair Book

Complete Book with Open Class

2019 Complete Fair Book

4-H Pre-entry (Changing in 2020!)

Pre-Entry Update

Letter to 4-Hers From the Coffey County Fair Board

Click Here to read the letter. 

4-H/FFA Fair Entries Online

Website: coffeycountyfair.fairentry.com


Club Assignments

Livestock Pen Assignments (Click Here)

Club Camp Spot Assignments (Club Assignments Due to Extension June 1st!)

Tip Top

Building Watch:

Trash Duty:

Blue Ribbon

Building Watch:

Trash Duty:

Smilin' Thru

Building Watch:

Trash Duty:


Building Watch:

Trash Duty:

Stringtown Bombers

Building Watch:

Trash Duty:

Hay Busters

Building Watch:

Trash Duty:

Exhibitor Numbers

All exhibitor entries are to be made online prior to the Coffey County Fair.  There will not be exhibitor numbers issued in 2020.

Livestock Weigh-IN/Tagging

 Rabbit Designations

  • 2020 Rabbits

Market Animal Tags/Breed Designation

  • Market Beef
    • 2nd Year Bucket Calf
    • 1st Year Bucket calf
  • Swine
  • Meat Goat
  • Sheep

Breeding Animal Tag/Breed Designation

  • Breeding Beef
  • Breeding Goat
  • Breeding Swine
  • Breeding Sheep
  • Dairy Goat


2020 Rate of Gain for All Species  (Click Here)

2020 Sale Bill (Click Here)

2020 Completed Sale Bill with Buyers Listed  (Click Here)

2020 Skillathon Results (Click Here)

2020 Round Robin Results (Click Here) 

2020 Results by Club (Click Here)

2020 Results by Division (Click Here)

Dog Show Results (Click Here)

Cat Show Results (Click Here)

Horse Show Results (Click Here)









Important 4-H/FFA Deadlines

May 1st

  • Rabbit ID Forms
  • Horse ID Forms

June 1st

  • Livestock Breed Designations
  • Club Campsite Assignments Due

June 29th- Pre Entry Deadline

  • All Demonstrations
  • All Clothing/Buymanship
  • All 4-H/FFA Animals
  • All Open Class Poultry
  • Club Secretary Roll Call Due

July 13th- Pre Entry Deadline

  • Online Entry for all other exhibits 

ALL 4-H/FFA exhibits should be pre-entered online this year!

July 20- Entry Card Pick Up!

New this year.  You must attend countywide fairgrounds cleanup in order to pick up your entry cards for exhibition.

 Pre-Fair Activities

Demonstrations/Poetry & Prose/FCS Judging

Friday, July 10, 2020, 9am

Schedule:Click Here

Remember:  Judging contests are an optional requirement for your 4-H Achievement Pins!

Clothing Buymanship and Clothing Construction

Saturday, July 18,  2020

Clothing Events Program (Click Here)

Memo to Clothing Event Members (Click Here)

Horse Show

Tuesday, July 21, 2020, 5pm

Dog/Cat/Hand Pet Shows

Saturday, July 18, 2020, 4pm


Horse ID Form- Due May 1st

Rabbit ID Form- Due May 1st

Coffey County Born Market Form- Due With Entry

Coffey County Born Breeding Form- Due with Entry

Livestock Housing Declaration Form- Due With Entry

Cloverbud Narratives

Cloverbud Clothing

Cloverbud Animal


Club Fair T-Shirt Contest- Due March

Fair Coloring Contest

Destination Designation Card Examples

Beef (Click Here)

Swine (Click Here)

Meat Goat (Click Here)

Sheep(Click Here)