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Coffey County

Coffey County 4-H Clubs

Coffey County 4-H consists of 6 regionally located 4-H Community Clubs.  New members are welcome to explore each of these clubs to find the perfect fit for them.  Although the clubs are regionally located, feel free to choose the club that best suits you and your family.  Please contact the Extension Office for club contact information by calling 620-364-5313.

Blue Ribbon

Blue Ribbon


  • Dawn Williams
  • Amanda Durst
  • Janine Dorr
  • Karen Sergeant

2020 Youth Enrollment: 40 Members

Adult Volunteers: 8

Location: Lebo, KS

Meeting Time:  2nd Wednesday of the Month, 6:30pm, Lebo United Methodist Church


Liberty 4-H


  • Yvonne Lutz
  • Janet Leiser

2020 Youth Enrollment: 24 Members

Adult Volunteers: 4

Location: Gridley, KS

Meeting Time: First Sunday of the Month, 5pm, Gridley Fire Station

Smilin' Thru

Smilin Thru


  • Olivia & John Lehmann
  • Lacy & Korey Lankton

2020 Youth Enrollment: 20 Members

Adult Volunteers: 4

Location: Aliceville, KS

Meeting Time: 2nd Sunday of the Month, 4pm, St. John Lutheran Church- Aliceville

Stringtown Bombers

Stringtown Bombers


  • Monique Hart
  • Brenda Klubek
  • Sarah Rice
  • Ashley Krueger

2020 Youth Enrollment: 29 Members

Adult Volunteers: 6

Location: Burlington, KS

Meeting Time: Second Wednesday of the Month, 7pm, Kelley Park 4-H Building

Tip Top

Tip Top


  • Mary Lou Ponder
  • Kristi Vogts

2020 Youth Enrollment: 46 Members

Adult Volunteers: 9

Location: Waverly, KS

Meeting Time:  Second Wednesday of the Month, 7pm, Waverly Community Building