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Coffey County

4-H Ambassadors



Established in 1993, the Coffey County 4-H Ambassadors are a group of committed 4-H members who work closely with County Agents and Advisors to promote 4-H, organize and narrate events, and become positive role models for other members of the community.  The requirements for becoming an ambassador include, but are not limited to:

  • Commitment to the Coffey County 4-H Program, including attending at least 10 of your 4-H Club's meetings
  • Positive attitude about 4-H and all other 4-H members
  • Willingness to promote 4-H to the public
  • Willingness to participate in Ambassador functions and leadership activities, such as:
    • Introduce new families to the 4-H program at a Project Enrollment Fair and be available to answer questions
    • National 4-H week promotion on the radio, delivering table tents to restaurants, taking posters to businesses, sponsoring the window display contest for the clubs, etc
    • Help organize and/or narrate the Achievement banquet, 4-H Day, Awards Ceremony at the Fair
    • Organize, plan, and conduct a Coffey County 4-H Promotional  activity
    • Do a community service activity each quarter of the year, including 48 Hours of 4-H in October
    • Serve as an irreproachable representative of the Coffey County 4-H program.  Especially when attending out-of-county events
    • Presentations to civic groups
    • Help promote 4-H through various media (I.e radio, school newspaper, web posting, social networking

Ambassadors must also attend one of 3 Kansas 4-H events in their first 2 years of service: State Ambassador Training, Kansas Youth Leadership Forum, or Discovery Days. 

To become a 4-H Ambassador, a 4-Her must apply by the designated deadline each year, usually established in June.  After applying, the individual must complete an interview process.  Only two ambassadors per club, per year may be selected. 


2019-2020 New Ambassador Application (Click Here)

Ambassador Renewal Form (Click Here)



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Jill Barnhardt, Agent Email

Darl Henson, Agent Email

Mary Lou Ponder, Advisor

Extension Office: 620-364-5313

2019-2020 Ambassadors

Elliott Burns

Elliott is an 9 year member of Stringtown Bomber's 4-H Club.  He currently serves as the clubs treasurer.  His favorite project is the beef project, but his favorite 4-H memories include all of the good times at County 4-H Camp.  Elliott says, "4-H is the best organization on the planet!"

Elliott Burns

Colleen Decker

Colleen is starting her third year as a member of Smilin' Thru 4-H Club.  She currently serves as club president.  Her favorite projects are Entomology and Swine.  Her favorite 4-H memory was when Smilin' Thru did their tour at the fair and were viewing the photographs when the air conditioner kicked on and wiped out four rows of pictures domino style.  Nobody was able to process what was happening until the third row was down.  There were very audible gasps from each person as a row fell.  Also, walking her pig, Florence, and showing her as her own  class.  Colleen says, "4-H is an amazing organization that enables youth to be proactive about taking on responsibility, learning, developing leadership skills, and communication skills; all while having fun at the same time!"


Audrey Durst

Audrey is a 10th year member of Blue Ribbon 4-H club.   Her favorite project is Western Heritage, and her favorite memory is is the whole experience of winning the State Shooting Sports KAP, and attending National 4-H Congress in Atlanta, Georgia. This experience gave her the chance to make new friends, and lots of wonderful memories with those friends.  Audrey says, "4-H is a wonderful learning experience that not only teaches many life skills such as citizenship, leadership and public speaking, but also gives members a way to make lifelong friends and memories!"


Becky Kropf

Becky is a 11th year  member of Tip Top 4-H Club in Waverly.  She currently serves as the club parliamentarian and as an alternate representative of 4-H Council.  Her favorite project is the Dairy project, and her fondest memory is winning the highest reasons score at the Kansas Junior Dairy Show.  Becky says, "It (4-H) is the perfect place for kids to have fun while learning how to be a better person."


Michael Lehmann

Michael is a member of Tip Top 4-H club and has participated in Coffey County 4-H for going on 11 years.  He currently serves as club president and as a 4-H Council representative.  His favorite project is the Beef project, and his favorite 4-H memories involve all of the fun times that he has had at the County Fair with life  long friends.  Michael says, "4-H is an amazing organization that I am super lucky to be a part of!"


Maggie Seaman

Maggie is starting her 9th year in the Tip Top 4-H Club.  She currently serves as club secretary.  The sheep project is her favorite project, which she has participated in for 8 years, in addition to enjoying a bonus year as a Cloverbud.  Her favorite 4-H memory is earning Intermediate Round Robin Champion at the Coffey County Fair.  Maggie says, "4-H is an organization for family and friends to come together.  It has helped me in many skills including leadership and communication.  It brings the 4-H family together and teaches you how to be in something as a team and work together."

Maggie Seaman

Sarah Sergeant

Sarah has been in 4-H for 10 years and is starting her eleventh.  She is currently the Vice President of Blue Ribbon 4-H Club and has previously held offices of President,  Secretary, and Reporter.  Her favorite project is the Swine project.  She has so many favorite memories in 4-H that she says choosing just one would be impossible.  However, her favorite memories include doing anything from judging contests and livestock shows, to laughing with my fellow ambassadors and making new friends from all across the state and even from other states.  Sarah says, "4-H is the best thing that could have ever came into my life and has supplied me with not only multiple skills that I use daily and will continue to use in the future, but has also given me my best friends and my favorite memories."


Lauren Williams

Lauren is in her 10th year of 4-H, and is a current member of Blue Ribbon 4-H in Lebo.  She serves as a 4-H Council representative and treasurer for her club.  Her favorite project is Market Sheep, and her favorite 4-H memories involve attending Discovery Days, 4-H Camp, KYLF, and the Coffey County Fair.  Lauren says, "4-H is a lot of fun and I am learning life lessons through it!"