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Coffey County


Walk Kansas

Walk Kansas: March 28- May 22

2021 Challenges

  • Challenge 1:  8 Wonders of Kansas
  • Challenge 2:  Cross Country
  • Challenge 3:  Little Balkans (Winding Trail) to Nicodemus

NEW 2021! Solo Route for individuals who don't have a team!

Walk Kansas Challenges

Registration: By April 10th

1. Captains, gather your team of 4-6 individuals

2. Captains- Collect information for your team. You will need:

  • Names and emails of your team members. If any of your team members don't have email, you'll need their mailing address.
  • A credit card, PayPal account to pay your registration online

3. Captains, go to walkkansasonline.org to select your challenge and register your team.

Don't have a team?  No problem.  You CAN register as an individual to be placed on a team later or walk the new solo route!  However, if you do have a team then PLEASE let your team captain register you first. 

Registration Fee:  $10/ Person (The program fee will be waved for school aged youth (high school aged and younger). Payable online when you register or to the Extension Office via check.

Walk Kansas Apparel: NEW 2021!  All apparel will be ordered online and shipped directly to your house.  No apparel orders will be accepted by the Extension Office. 


Week 1:

Week 2: 

Week 3:

Week 4: 

Week 5:

Week 6:

Week 7:

Walking Safely T-Rex Video- Click Here


Activity Guidelines by Age

Youth (Click Here)

Parents (Click Here) 

Adults (Click Here)

Older Adults (Click Here)

Complete Guidelines (Click Here)


2021 Walk Kansas Teams

8 Wonders of Kansas

Goal Diggers

Neosho Valley EHU

No Sleep Till Goodland

Stress Busters

Cross Country

Bodies Under Construction

Walkie Talkies


Little Balkans to Nicodemus



Registration Website

Coffey County Team Registration Form

Coffey County Individual Registration Form

Captains Log

Individual Daily Log

Participants Guide

Activity Guide

Fruits and Veggies

Walk Kansas for Kids

Walk Kansas.org Resources