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Coffey County


Coffey County is located in the east central area of Kansas approximately 80 miles from the Missouri line to the east and 100 miles from the Oklahoma border to the south.  At the altitude of 1700 feet above sea level and receiving 37 inches of annual rainfall, the 335,000 acres in farms relies primarily on natural rainfall.  Currently around 176,340 acres of crops are devoted to Soybeans, Corn, Wheat, Hay and some grain sorghum as well being harvested.

Soybeans are produced on approximately 70,000 of the county's acres .  On average around 1.5 million bushels of the oil grain are produced at a value near $15 million ranking Coffey County in the top 10 of all the counties in the state in soybean production.

Around 30,000 to 35,000 acres of Corn are harvested annually in the county with a farm value of near $12 million dollars annually.  An increasing portion of the crop is utilized by area ethanol production plants in the production of that renewable fuel..

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