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Coffey County

Extension COuncil

2019 Executive Board

Chair: Ashley Krueger, 4-H PDC
Vice Chair: Sarah Rice. 4-H PDC
Treasurer: Carie Collins, Community Development PDC
Secretary: Karen Sergeant, 4-H PDC

Clinton Sowder, Agriculture PDC
Beau Beyer, Agriculture PDC
Nicole Lingenfelter, FCS PDC
Marissa Watts, FCS PDC
Vickie Foster, Community Development PDC

Strong local extension programs are the outcome of a partnership between extension agents and members of the local Program Development Committee.

Kansas extension county and district laws require four program development committees with six or more members serving on each committee. Committees focus on four core areas: Agriculture and Natural Resources, Community Development, Family and Consumer Sciences and 4-H Youth Development.

Agriculture: Beau Beyer, Jeremy Raaf, Clinton Sowder, Brian Barnhardt, Brett Skillman, Mark Newton

Family & Consumer Science: Lindsey Bartlett, Nicole Lingenfelter, Marissa Watts, Elaine Gifford, Fawn Plummer, Pam Rapp

4-H Youth Development: Ashley Krueger, Sarah Rice, Christina Morray, Karen Sergeant, Margie Sawdey, Dawn Williams

Community Development: Remmington Pinick, Stacy Haines, Vickie Foster, Dee Ann Goertzen, Marilyn Krigbaum, Carie Collins