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Coffey County

4-H Financial Review

Kansas 4-H Policy, Page 13 of Policy Handbook:

G Financial Responsibility

Extension Boards are responsible for all non-appropriated funds generated for 4-H programs.  This includes all funds collected or raised in the name of 4-H Youth Development programs.  All clubs, project clubs, and the 4-H Council operate according to policies and procedures determined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Internal Revenue Service, K-State Research and Extension, and the local Extension Board. 

G1 Annual Financial Review

Each 4-H entity is required to complete and submit an annual financial review form to its local Extension Board.  State action teams or other state-level groups with accounts held outside the Kansas 4-H Foundation must submit annual financial review forms to the state 4-H leader. 

Annual Review Forms


Report Form

"Principles of Managing Non-Appropriated Funds"

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